On November 17 2013, 24 cyclists embarked on tackling six of the toughest climbs the Victorian alps have to offer in one day.

Riders rode to raise support for charity: water to help end the world water crisis. For more information about charity: water & their vitally important work, visit charitywater.org

They started their first pedal stroke of the gruellig Six Summits around 4:30am Sunday morning and the last cyclist reached Mt. Hotham early Monday morning at 1:15am.

With over 165km of pedalling and 6922 vertical meters of climbing at an average gradient of over 4%, the mountains will tried to destroy the riders.

There is no denying that this ride was brutal and challenging! What would possibly motivate a cyclist to ride the Six Summits?...
Water. This is why we ride.

*NB* cyclists were transported between summits